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About Tiwan

Tiwan Foot Drop System

Tiwan Foot Drop System Technology Development Company is the leading provider of innovative high quality devices helping people regain mobility and independence. Tiwan main product is functional electrical stimulation (FES) foot drop systems for individuals affected by central nervous system disorders and orthopedic injuries inclusing below mentioned patients:

  • MS
  • CVI
  • CP
  • SCI
  • etc.

In 2017, Tiwan was founded by a group of entrepreneurs, Various engineers and neurologists to help individuals with neurological impairments regain their independence. 

in 2018 Tiwan received FDA(IRAN) clearance in addition to related IEC and ISO certificates to market the T-102 foot drop systems. Our strong R&D Team are continuesly working on development of new devices make the world a better place for patients and even normal people.