Tiwan T-102 Foot Drop System

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Tiwan Foot Drop System

Dropped foot is a common problem resulting from a range of neurological conditions, in particular:

  • multiple sclerosis ( MS )
  • stroke ( CVA )
  • Traumatic brain injury ( TBI )
  • Spinal Cord Injury ( SCI )
  • Cerebral palsy ( CP )

It characterised as a deficit in dorsiflexion and eversion in the swing phase of gait, leading to foot catching on the ground as it is brought forward or energy wasting compensatory movements to avoid the foot catching. Additionally, poor placement of the foot on the ground at initial contact often places the ankle in an unstable position. The combined effect reduces the safety of walking, increasing falls or resulting in behaviour to avoid falls that restrict mobility and participation.

Tiwan Foot Drop System

Tiwan T-102 FES Foot Drop System is a small battery powered device, worn below knee and applies electrical pulses to the common peroneal nerve to produce muscle contractions that mimic normal voluntary movement lifting the foot so that it does not drag on the ground and so improve gait and eliminates Foot drop and spasticity. 

Tiwan T-102 foot drop devices have many proven advantages inclusing:

  • Provides a more natural movement when walking
  • Increase speed, stability and confidence
  • Reduce falls
  • Reeducate muscles using Bio Feedback mode
  • Prevent muscle loss (often called atrophy)
  • Maintain or increase range of motion in the ankle and foot
  • Increase blood flow
  • Help Patients regain mobility and independence
  • Help Patients raising stairs

Using FES Foot Drop Systems is the only proven method to fight foot drop and improve gait. Tiwan T-102 Foot Drop System is one of the best FES Foot Drop devices is world. Using android app and advanced technology, T-102 monitors the patient movements and continuously adjusts the FES signals to achieve the best results. Tiwan T-102 is very small and light and can be easily worn under most cloths. Only by 25 minutes of charging, T-102 can be used for up to 4 days.

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